Our logo represents our vision.

We see the energy source from which electrical power arises. With that power we supply the technology that we use in our daily lives.

The sun.

The source of all energy.

The light of the sun generates electrical energy in solar cells.

The warmth of the sun generates wind that drives wind turbines generating electrical energy.

With "NEW ENERGY." we imply the use of electrical energy from these renewable sources.

And with "TODAY" we indicate that we shouldn't postpone this untill later but that we have to start working on an energy transition NOW.

We are realists, though.

In the reality of today we are not yet able to cover our entire need of energy by renewable sources.

That's why we still need energy from fossile sources in the near future. But we have to do our best to do this as little as possible and as clean as possible. That is being visualized by this fire explosion.

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This is our main goal.

Electrical energy.

With this energy we supply propulsion, heating, information technology, comfort, safety, entertainment and many other things that make our lives comfortable, easier and sometimes even 'possible at all'.

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